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6 Steps for Troubled times
While it’s natural to be nervous when financial markets are
uncertain, it’s important to stick to some basic investment
rules to help you keep current market fluctuations in perspective.   Read More>>

Splitting Super Contributions
Amendments to superannuation legislation that took effect from 1st January 2006 saw the introduction of a system that allows a person to split their superannuation contributions with their spouse.   Read More>>

Tax Deductible Life Insurance Premiums
Many Australian’s hold life insurance cover through their superannuation fund, be it a self-managed super fund or another fund such as a retail fund offered by fund managers and other financial institutions.   Read More>>

Macquarie CMT investments currently Government guaranteed
All underlying investments in the Macquarie CMT are currently covered by the Government guarantee.   Read More>>

Property Investment
4 Financial Advice know exactly how to determine a strong property investment opportunity. We have the expertise in structuring finances so you can get that first one or grow a large book of property with a safe investment structure.   Read More>>

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Customer Feedback
Read what our clients say about our service and the changes we have made in their life.
Read More>>
Upcoming events
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