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Enduring power of attorney

A power of attorney is a formal document giving someone the power to act for you if you lose the capacity to make decisions yourself.

There are two types of enduring power of attorney - one for your money and property affairs and the other for your personal care and welfare. You may wish to appoint different people to have enduring powers of attorney for these different areas.

Enduring power of attorney - your money and property

You can appoint more than one attorney for your money and property. You can activate this enduring power of attorney straight away. If you do, then your attorney(s) can act for you on your instructions until you are judged as not being able to make these decisions yourself - from that point they have the power to act for you.

Without an enduring power of attorney, no one else can deal with your property or financial affairs on your behalf. Your family, partner, and even your spouse may need to go to court to get this power.

Enduring power of attorney - your personal care and welfare

You can only have one attorney for your personal care and welfare and this power of attorney is only activated once you are judged as not being able to care for yourself.

For more information, visit the public trust office website, your community law centre or talk to your lawyer.
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