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8 ways to improve your income...

Grow your skills
Find out what training and development your employer can provide to make you worth more. You could be one skill away from better pay! 

Invest in your education
Your education is an important asset and a great value builder. So it’s worth some investment! 

Take on more responsibility
If your employer isn't prepared to give you a raise right now, think about what more you can do to show you're worth that little bit extra. 

Do overtime
If your job pays overtime rates and your family life won't suffer, this is an easy way to bring home more bacon. 

Sell some stuff
You can also add to your money by selling off anything you don't need – like unused toys or sports gear. And with online auction sites it's easier than ever to turn your trash into cash. 

Take a boarder
If you have a spare room, rent it out. 

Ask your adult children to pay rent
Are any of your adult children living at home? Are they paying market (or close to market) rent? If they're working and you're not, it can help you balance out your income and expenses

Ask for a pay rise
If you're working, you should be prepared to go into bat for regular pay increases. If you don't, it's unlikely your employer will jump up and say “You need a pay rise!”. 



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