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Storing financial documents

Having all of your financial documentation filed together makes it much easier for you to manage your personal finances. It won’t seem so daunting to make a budget or review your insurance if you know exactly where to get your hands on all your bank statements or policy documents.

Where to put your financial documents
What documents to store 

Where to put them

The handiest way to store your documents is in a portable concertina file (around $20 - $25 available from office supply stores or stationers). These expand when opened to reveal many separate sections, with labels you can stick on each.

One you have a place to put them in, you’ll find your documents easier to update and harder to lose. If disaster strikes (fire, flood or earthquake) – or if you’re just moving home - you’ll be able to pick everything up in one go. And if the worst happens to you, you’ll make it easier for your loved ones to get your affairs sorted. 

What to include

To help you set up your files, here’s a checklist of the types of documents you’ll need to include. Tick off each one as you store it away

Mortgage documents


Share certificates

Trust documents

Investment information

Insurance policies

Financial plans


Enduring Power of Attorney

Bank statements

Hire Purchase agreements

Loan agreements

Tax returns

Company accounts

Rental agreements


Birth certificates

Marriage certificates

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