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Common Questions
What do you get from 4 Financial Advice?

You will receive a written Statement of Strategic Advice which will identify exactly where the problem areas are in your finances and what you should be doing to set up and manage your financial affairs properly.

Why do you need a Statement of Strategic Advice?

Because if you fail to plan you plan to fail! A Statement of Strategic Advice is the starting point for the proper planning of your financial affairs.  Planning to be wealthy is only the start.

Why do you need a Financial adviser to help you?

You may not. You can do it yourself (in theory). Chances are however that you will never get down to it and will just let things slide. This is what most people do and this is why most people do not achieve any real level of financial success in their lives.

What do you need to do?

You need to let us know all relevant information about your financial position. You do this by completing our client profile which is very user friendly.

Why do we need your financial information?

To be able to give you the right advice we need to know all your relevant financial circumstances. If we do not have a full picture of your situation then we cannot advise you effectively.

Is your financial information secure?

All information is secured using a SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) which encrypts and protects all your information. Except for your personal particulars such as name, address, contact details and date of birth we do not ask for any other sensitive information such as tax file numbers, bank account details etc.

What else do we need from you to be able to advise you?

All we need to start the process is collect the information that you know about yourself and give us approval to check it. 

We may ask you to provide documentation at a later stage to cross check the information that you provide if we think that your information may be incorrect.

During the process of implementing any financial product recommendations we will also need to meet the customer identification and verification requirements as set out in the Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing ACT 2006 (CTF).

We will give you further information on this once that stage is reached. In essence though it just means that you will have to provide us with certified copies of your identity documents such as passport or driver’s license etc.
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