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Professional Referral Programme

Why Participate in the Professional Referral Programme with 4 Financial Advice?

The Programme is a commitment by you, the Professional Referrer to measurably improve and add value to the Professional Services that you provide to your clients.

You provide a professional service to your client but you are limited by your training and the terms of the licenses that you hold in the scope of the advice that you can provide. You know that there are many other aspects of your client’s financial affairs that need attending to.

4 Financial Advice is well in a position to help you add value to the services that you provide to your clients. We are able to provide financial planning advice in the areas of:

  • Risk Management
  • Wealth Creation
  • Mortgage and Debt
  • Managed Funds
  • Superannuation
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning

The key benefits for you are:

Value Add. You provide an important “value add” to the total service that you offer to your clients.

Good will. Good will is established for your practice and your client is secure in the knowledge that all of his financial planning needs are being attended to. They can concentrate on doing their work and what they do best and enjoy without having to worry about the financial planning side of their lives.

Peace of Mind. You have the peace of mind of knowing that your clients are well looked after and are being provided with comprehensive, professional and leading edge financial planning advice.

Client Loyalty. You retain control of and the loyalty of the clients you refer. You are part of the process to as great or as little degree as you choose to be.

Referral Fees. You are paid significant referral fees equal to 10% of the net fees that are charged and received by 4 Financial Advice from or in respect of your clients. For more information concerning our fees structure, how clients are charged, and how we receive our income, please see our Financial Services Guide.
Terms and Conditions. These can be found in our Professional Referral Agreement which can be emailed at your request click here


The benefits to your clients are as follows:

Peace of Mind. Your clients have the peace of mind of knowing that all their financial affairs are being well looked after and are being arranged and co-ordinated by you in one comprehensive package.

Reduced Time. Using a single financial adviser to coordinate all of your client’s financial planning needs eliminates much wasted time on the part of your clients in attending to their financial affairs.

Time Savings. Most people generally do not have advisers on whom to call on for financial planning advice. They tend to spend a lot of time “consulting” fellow employees, friends and relatives or searching the web for advisers. An independent, objective financial adviser is a welcome resource. When a trusting relationship is established, the adviser can be frequently used for advice on various personal circumstances in conjunction with your professional guidance.

Better Advice. Many people over age 45 accumulate different types of assets and some have complicated structures. When an individual consults separately with different professional advisers – solicitor, accountant, insurance broker, mortgage broker, the advice received is difficult to integrate unless a cooperative team approach is used. If these advisers are coordinated by a financial adviser or if they meet together to discuss the best interests of the client, the total plan becomes better than the sum of its parts.

Reduced Professional Liability. Professional Advisers can avoid potential liability by inadvertently giving advice in areas that they are not qualified or licensed to give advice on.

Improved Client Retention. By providing the “value add” benefits offered by 4 Financial Advice you will go a significant way towards ensuring client retention. Your clients will not feel the need to look around for other professional advisers who might be providing your service.

The Program

The 4 Financial Advice Professional Referrer’s Program enhances the value of the advice you provide your clients by educating and advising them on how to make smarter decisions with respect to their overall financial situation, and to take appropriate action with confidence.

Our programs focus on empowering the participants. Our goal is to help your clients identify their financial and retirement goals and use all available options as a bridge to achieve these goals.

The programs educate your clients on broader financial topics such as asset allocation, risk management and goal planning, investment vehicles, asset classes (property, stocks) and tax minimisation.

Customised Services and Tools

We offer a variety of media to help ensure that you and your clients can access the service when, where and how most convenient:

Seminars. Choose from a variety of topics relevant to your clients’ needs.

Online access. Web based financial planning tools to integrate information, provide informative articles and to allow your clients to make presentation reservations.

Printed communication materials. Handouts, mail outs and workbooks to support your program and enhance your clients and enhance their financial planning experience.

Toll-free telephone access. Financial consultants can answer day-to-day questions and arrange a private consultation.

Face to face Advice. Interested clients can choose to meet one-on-one with an accredited and experienced financial adviser to develop a personal financial plan. As part of the program, your clients may request an initial, no-obligation consultation with or without you in attendance. The purpose of the consultation is to assess your client’s current financial situation and determine his or her financial goals. The initial consultation also provides an overview of financial planning concepts.

Our programs are designed to help commence and improve wealth creation, client retirement readiness and reduce the stress of financial worries. Your clients walk away with an understanding of broader retirement and wealth creation considerations and reliable information about investment decisions.

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