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Joining the Team
Recruitment (Australia PH 1300-882 456) (Email dm@4financialadvice.com.au)
4 Financial Advice offers significant opportunity for financial planners seeking the all kinds of support to all kinds of planners.  We started our Licence after working for many other large financial groups that promise the world and don’t deliver anything but blocks to doing business, like;
o         introduce over kill measures in compliance,
o         bad management decisions that affect the media and public perception of the group,
o         marketing that doesn’t hit your local area with poor lead results
There are very few AFS Licensees out there that do get it right, but we found that they restrict their advisers with agreements holding you and your client into the group and make it difficult to leave because they know you will want to after you make the slow and time consuming transition into their group.
We decided to start a planner’s co-op and deliver processes, system and services that all planners want without the high commission splits we have found.
o         Choices across all areas of your practice
o         Freedom to move out of the Licence  should you want to at any time
o         Marketing that hits your local area
o         Accounting & other professional arrangements services
We are committed to developing long term relationships with our planners and our support has been specifically designed.  If you find yourself in this situation like we were 4 Financial Advice is your answer.

If you:
o         do not have access to the types and variety of products you need;
o         do not have any say in the products on the group Approved List, or it is reviewed to slowly
o         do not have access to the management; to discuss your issues as they happen
o         would like to be able to discuss ideas and issues with other planners and split costs
o         would prefer to be with a boutique dealer that is on your level and faces your problems with you
Then 4 Financial Advice is what you’re looking for. 4 Financial Advice is a group that aims to grow its worth by recruiting quality planners that want to deliver only the best to their clients, that’s all we aim to do, just make it efficient with technology and local marketing.

If you:
o         want input into the group at a licensee level to understand how to run an AFS Licence
o         would like access to earn equity in the AFS Licence
o         want to reduce your dealer fee you pay the AFS Licence
Then the co-op nature of 4 Financial Advice will suit you.  We believe there will be greater value for all Partners & all planners under the 4 Financial Advice AFS Licence if we split costs. We believe the fastest way to grow is to create an AFS Licence  that unlocks client leads, makes doing business faster so the groups successful results leads to more quality adviser recruitment.
Recruitment (Australia PH 1300-882 456) (Email dm@4financialadvice.com.au)

New Advisers
If you are looking to go into private practice but are concerned about:
o         where you will find your clients
o         how much you are likely to earn in your first twelve months
o         the costs of setting up your practice
o         don’t want to pay high dealer commission split
o         want to learn from a team that is there to educate and pass on industry knowledge
o         receive referral revenue from accounting services, general insurance, lending, legal
4 Financial Advice have large practices across Australia, we can place you with a senior planner for as long as you like or support you going it along. We will design a small business plan for each new planner, including making agreements with an account, estate agents, solicitors, and other referral networks. Market your profile in “you’re local” area. We also have education available for you online or seminar at our expense.
Recruitment (Australia PH 1300-882 456) (Email dm@4financialadvice.com.au)

Growing Practices
If you:
o         have excess capacity which can be addressed by getting in front of more clients;
o         would like to bring in another a planner or employ support staff
o         have reached the level where you are working hard but are not growing the same rate
o         want to move from being a planner to a business owner or part of an AFS Licence   
o         want to increase the capital value of your business
o         receive referral revenue from accounting services, general insurance, lending, legal
Then our marketing and practice management experience will be very beneficial.
4 Financial Advice can provide you with high quality referral professional and our Business Program will put you on track to make the transition from practitioner to a true business owner like many of our planners.
Its time to share experience and teach younger planners, receive the rewards of your hours of training and turn you business into a true asset.
Recruitment (Australia PH 1300-882 456) (Email dm@4financialadvice.com.au)

Mature Practices
 If you: 
o         are looking to maximise the capital value of your practice;
o         are looking to implement a succession program;
o         are dealing with clients you would prefer not to deal with and send to younger planner
o         cannot find the time to put in place the systems that will make your business life easier;
o         would like to move to being more of a business manager with the top 20% of your clients 
4 Financial Advice is offering you the answer, firstly a transition plan from your current AFS Licensee to 4 Financial Advice. This has been feared in our industry but is now very simple and can be done without much effort, we have moved client based from AMP, NAB, Financial Wealth, Retire Invest and counting.
We will place a planner with you that can work with you, grow into your shoes on the smaller clients, gain referrals and build a business they can call their own - while you look after the top 20% and enjoy your day with less stress.
Recruitment (Australia PH 1300-882 456) (Email dm@4financialadvice.com.au)
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